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Keeping your kids safe as passengers on Georgia roads

A big part of parenting is doing everything in your power to keep your children safe. For families in Georgia and across much of the United States, motor vehicles are part of everyday life. Unfortunately, they are also one of the biggest risk factors for the minors in your family.

Accidental death related to motor vehicle collisions is the leading cause of death for children, with roughly one in five juvenile deaths stemming from collisions. There are certain steps that you can take to minimize the risk to your children when you travel together.

These factors could cause a serious crash on the roads

Motor vehicle accidents usually result from a few mistakes, not just a single error. They're complex events. For example, a semitruck might swerve to avoid an animal entering into the road. That might make the vehicle next to them rush into another lane, where their vehicle is hit in the rear. The semi may not be able to regain control because of wind conditions, which then leads to a crash with multiple vehicles.

Weather conditions, drivers' reactions and other external causes can all lead to crashes. Internal problems can cause collisions, too, like being overworked or too tired to drive safely.

These head injuries could cause lasting damage

Head injuries are among the most common causes of death and disability in adults. The term "head injury" is broad, and it can refer to anything from bumps and bruises on the head to traumatic brain injuries.

Some of the more significant types of head injuries that adults may face if they're involved in a collision include:

Traumatic brain injuries cause more than just headaches

Any injury you suffer in a motor vehicle collision has the potential to be quite serious. When that injury involves your head or brain, it could actually prove to be life-altering. After all, your brain is the most important part of your body.

The synapses in your brain contain every bit of information you've ever learned. They also dictate your mood and personality. Your brain is in control of everything from your ability to voluntarily control your body to involuntary actions such as breathing.

Airbags: A hazard that is rarely discussed among drivers

In a car crash, there are many things that can lead to your injury. Drawing in the front seat? That pencil becomes a projectile. Listening to music? Your headphones could potentially pierce the eardrum. No matter what you do, there's always a risk that you could be hurt.

One of the things people don't talk about enough is airbag safety. Most assume the airbag is there for their health, so they don't consider the harm it could do. When you're not the weight or height an airbag is designed for, there is a much higher risk that you're going to get hurt if it deploys. In vehicles today, there are more than just the airbags in the front seat. There are airbags along the sides and sometimes even in the rear. These all have great force when they deploy. It's hoped that the force is less than the force an impact would cause, but it's still a hazard.

Internal car accident injuries require immediate attention

Minor car accidents are now so common that many people do not appreciate just how foreign an experience it is compared to what our bodies are built to endure. Car accidents are much more violent than we often realize, often causing injuries that victims may not feel until hours or even days later.

If you recently experienced a car accident and believe that you did not receive any serious injuries, you should still go see a doctor and receive a full medical examination to identify any injuries you cannot yet feel. In many cases, if you wait to seek treatment until an injury causes pain, you risk greater injury, long term disability and even death.

Bruising: When common symptoms mean serious trouble

Bruising is a normal symptom of injuries. It occurs as blood pools under the skin. Medical professionals refer to bruising as contusions, which simply show where small blood vessels have been broken in the body.

The interesting thing is that while most bruises aren't serious, they do have the potential to become dangerous or to show that there's a problem under the skin.

Whiplash: From minor to acute presentations

You were rear-ended, and you thought that you probably suffered from whiplash. You took the ambulance to the hospital and had your suspicions confirmed. You thought that it wouldn't be very serious.

People get whiplash all the time, and most people believe that it's a minor injury that clears up within a few days. That is the case for some people, but it's not true for everyone.

These 3 tips can keep you safe during a hurricane evacuation

Car crashes can happen anywhere, but with the weather changes that take place in the fall, it's a particularly important time to talk about the risks of driving in dangerous weather. Right now, for example, there is a hurricane moving up the East Coast that could impact people in Georgia. Flooding is a real possibility, as is backed up traffic and evacuation stressors.

Since hurricanes are of concern presently, it's a good time to talk about hurricane safety when you're behind the wheel. There's no reason that you should get into an accident if you and others are careful when you're attempting to evacuate or get where you need to go.

3 injuries that show up after a car crash

The other driver didn't see you, and the next thing you knew, you found yourself getting out of a wrecked vehicle. You felt fine, so you talked to the police and other driver before turning down medical help.

Now, a few days later, you aren't feeling well at all. Do you still have a right to seek out medical help? Could this feeling be related to your accident?


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