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These 3 tips can keep you safe during a hurricane evacuation

| Sep 11, 2017 | Blog |

Car crashes can happen anywhere, but with the weather changes that take place in the fall, it’s a particularly important time to talk about the risks of driving in dangerous weather. Right now, for example, there is a hurricane moving up the East Coast that could impact people in Georgia. Flooding is a real possibility, as is backed up traffic and evacuation stressors.

Since hurricanes are of concern presently, it’s a good time to talk about hurricane safety when you’re behind the wheel. There’s no reason that you should get into an accident if you and others are careful when you’re attempting to evacuate or get where you need to go.

1. Be prepared

Before the hurricane hits your area, be prepared. Fill up your gas tank now, so you don’t have to worry about it running out if you get stuck in traffic. Carry a first aid kit in your vehicle, too, so you can treat any minor injuries that occur.

2. Find shelter when you need it

Heavy winds make it hard to drive, and flooding might make roads impassible. If there is high ground, go there. Don’t attempt to drive through watery areas when you don’t know how deep they are. Wven a foot or two of water could end up totaling your vehicle and stalling you out.

3. Keep in control

Don’t use cruise control if you’re driving in bad weather. If you hydroplane, the cruise control might try to accelerate your vehicle, which could cause a crash. Keep your eyes on the road at all times, and drive your vehicle without setting automatic functions like cruise control. If you lose traction, tap your brake pedal until you feel your tires grip the road again.

Hurricane safety is of the utmost importance right now. Be safe on the roads and avoid a collision with these tips.

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