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Internal car accident injuries require immediate attention

| Jun 12, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Minor car accidents are now so common that many people do not appreciate just how foreign an experience it is compared to what our bodies are built to endure. Car accidents are much more violent than we often realize, often causing injuries that victims may not feel until hours or even days later.

If you recently experienced a car accident and believe that you did not receive any serious injuries, you should still go see a doctor and receive a full medical examination to identify any injuries you cannot yet feel. In many cases, if you wait to seek treatment until an injury causes pain, you risk greater injury, long term disability and even death.

Abdominal injuries are deadly

While many delayed pain injuries are very serious, abdominal injuries are sometimes a matter of life and death. If you experience any pain in your abdomen after a car accident, you should stop what you are doing immediately and go to an emergency care facility as soon as you can. You may only have a matter of hours or minutes to receive treatment before it is too late.

Internal bleeding may not cause abdominal pain, but is potentially deadly in two separate ways. Like an external wound, an internal wound may lose so much blood that the victim dies of blood loss. If the wound is very small, the blood loss itself may be negligible, but the potential for infection is still a serious concern. Once an internal wound grows infected, the infection can quickly spread to the rest of the body, causing sepsis.

Similarly, organ failure may not cause pain at first. If the organ only suffers some damage, it may continue to function for quite some time, However, if the body cannot repair the organ naturally, then it will eventually fail. Once an organ fails, the rest of the organs also fail, which is both deadly and painful.

Neck, back and head injuries can disable you

Even if a delayed pain injury does not kill you, it may leave you temporarily or permanently disabled. A blow to the head may leave you with a mild traumatic brain injury, or may cause damage to the upper spinal cord. Even a minor brain injury can cause physical and mental difficulties for months, and may not begin to manifest these issues until days or weeks after an accident.

The muscles in your neck, back and torso may suffer damage but wait for hours to cause any pain or stiffness. In many cases, victims don’t feel any pain until they after they go to sleep following an accident, only to wake up paralyzed by pain. This pain may last for days or weeks, completely incapacitating the victim.

Likewise, injuries to the spinal column or nerves held within the column are not always immediately apparent. These injuries may affect the nerves that run throughout the body, causing sharp pains, radiating aches, tingling sensations and numbness. By the time that the victim feels these sensations, the nerves may suffer lasting or even permanent damage, which can make many kinds of work much more difficult or even impossible.

If you don’t feel any pain after a car accident, please make it a priority to seek professional medical attention, just to make sure that you are truly safe and identify any potential injuries before they cause serious harm. If you do have injuries from the accident, then you may need to build a personal injury claim to protect your rights and seek fair compensation.

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