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3 tips for safe driving in unusual wintery weather

| Feb 28, 2020 | Uncategorized |

The winter months in Georgia are generally warm, but with a few cold fronts comes the potential for a rare snow flurry or sleet. While those chilly days don’t stick around for long, it’s very important that you know what to do when they do occur.

If you have to drive on chilly days, do you know the best ways to get where you’re going without getting into a crash? Here are three tips that can help you get from home to work, school or another location without ending up in a crash.

1. Check the weather before you head out

The very first thing you should do when unusual weather of any kind strikes is to check the weather and forecast. If there is supposed to be ice or snow, you need to know, so you can adjust the way you drive or even suspend your activities for the day. Unlike some northern states, Georgia sees snow very rarely. That means that the response to snow might be limited, so the roads are more likely to be slick and hazardous.

2. Go slowly

If sleet or snow do happen and lead to icy or slick roads, you need to drive slowly. Be prepared to stop, and stop earlier than you think you need to. That way, if your vehicle slides, you will be able to stop long before there is a risk of hitting someone else.

3. Be prepared for going off the road

Whether you slide off the road or pull over because you’re concerned about your ability to drive safely, you should have the right preparations to be comfortable until you can get back on the road. Pack a first-aid kit, and make sure you have blankets, something small to eat and something to drink. It’s unlikely that you’ll be stuck for long, but you should still do what you can to prepare.

If you do end up in a collision because someone collides with you, you should know that the other party may be held liable. Even though the weather is unusual, drivers need to take on the responsibility of knowing how to drive in dangerous circumstances. You will want to keep all of the information that you have regarding the accident, your medical care, your lost wages and other impacts that this crash has had on your life, so you can make a claim for your losses.

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