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Utilizing Over 30 Years Of Experience To Defend Against Your Criminal Charges

The individuals we represent at the law office of Michael H. Saul, Attorney at Law, are typically facing overwhelming legal matters related to criminal charges. Aggressive representation that is backed by more than 30 years of experience is what makes a difference for our clients, and we are known to deliver results.

If you are facing a criminal charge, our Marietta criminal defense lawyer, Michael H. Saul can help. Our office handles all manner of criminal law cases in both Georgia state courts and federal courts such as:

We treat these kinds of cases with the care they deserve, meaning our firm’s focus is on providing our clients with personal service that is attentive, transparent and based on a one-on-one attorney-client relationship. We want every individual we represent to not only get the most effective representation, but also gain an understanding of the charges that have been brought against him or her, so that educated decisions can be made throughout the entire defense process.

If you have a question about a legal matter, we welcome it. We will not hesitate to give you an honest answer about what kind of resolution is possible in your case, whether that involves reduction of charges, case dismissal, acquittal, expungement or something else.

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