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Mitigating Potential Consequences From Your Domestic Violence Charge

Complicated family relationships, whether with a spouse, a domestic partner, a roommate or children can bring about arguments and difficult situations. In these moments, things can quickly escalate and certain actions can be easily turned into domestic violence charges.

This is a very serious criminal offense that can fall on the shoulder of both men and women. To best protect yourself and your loved ones, get immediate help from a Marietta domestic violence lawyer if you have been questioned, arrested or charged with domestic violence.

Michael H. Saul, Attorney at Law, has been representing individuals in difficult criminal law matters for more than 30 years. His extensive and thorough knowledge of legal strategies and the prosecution’s methods can help you achieve results in the legal battle you face.

I Have Been Arrested For Domestic Violence. What’s Next?

When an individual is arrested for domestic violence, it is often after a dispute in the home has caused a sense of urgency and fear for an individual’s immediate safety. For this reason, even if an individual has not been convicted of domestic violence, he or she may be removed from the home, have a temporary restraining order issued against him or her, or may not be permitted to see his or her children until the matter is resolved.

These cases can take a significant amount of time to resolve, and simply being arrested can feel like a criminal conviction, which is why having an attorney at your side from the start is crucial for you and your loved ones. We can provide you with the personal attention and experience that your case deserves.

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