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Arrested On Drug Charges In Northwest Georgia?

The law office of Michael H. Saul has office locations in Marietta (Cobb County) and Gainesville (Hall County). Free consultation/Spanish service available at our Gainesville location. If you have been charged with a drug crime in Northern Georgia, contact the law office of Michael H. Saul at 800-551-6018. Drug charges are treated very seriously in Georgia and require the attention of an experienced professional with extensive knowledge of Georgia law.

Attorney Michael H. Saul has defended people throughout Northern Georgia against criminal charges for more than 30 years. He is a former Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Georgia. He has a proven record of success in misdemeanor drug possession charges and serious felony drug trafficking cases. He handles misdemeanor and felony drug charges in state and federal courts, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug conspiracy charges
  • Drug-related racketeering charges
  • All drugs: meth, cocaine, marijuana, controlled substances, narcotics
  • Prescription drug charges: prescription forgery/prescription fraud, illegal sales, intent to sell, all others

If you retain our office, we will aggressively pursue the best possible result in your case. We have extensive experience in drug possession and drug trafficking cases and we are proud of the results we have obtained for our clients.

Experienced Trial Lawyer

Attorney Michael H. Saul is an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer. He prepares for every case as if it may go to trial. Prosecutors will not give the best possible plea offer unless they believe you are willing to go to trial and are represented by a professional who is capable of mounting a strong defense. The prosecutors in our area know Michael H. Saul as an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will not hesitate to take a case to trial if the prosecution is not willing to make a fair offer.

Protect Your Constitutional Rights

Mr. Saul is passionately defensive of his client’s constitutional rights. In each case, he seeks the suppression of evidence and damaging admissions that were obtained in violation of a defendant’s right to counsel, 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure, and right to remain silent. The prosecution has the burden to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and it is limited to evidence that was gathered in compliance with the U.S. Constitution. If prosecutors are unable to meet their burden of proof, we will seek an acquittal, case dismissal, or charge dismissal on your behalf. If the prosecution has a strong case, we will seek the best possible plea bargain that limits any jail time and protects your freedom.

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To schedule a free consultation at our Marietta or Gainesville office concerning a drug possession, drug trafficking, or other drug charge, call us at 800-551-6018 or contact a Georgia criminal defense lawyer online today .

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