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Many of the individuals who walk into our office are unsure of what their criminal charge means. This is a complex area of law, with many different court systems and potential consequences that are based on what jurisdiction the charge is happening in.

After more than 30 years in the practice of criminal law, Michael H. Saul has handled a breadth of cases as a Marietta criminal defense attorney. His experience in both federal and state charges and courts has helped our clients consider the ramifications of their criminal charges in a comprehensive manner. No matter what kind of criminal charge you face, our office can give you the highest degree of defense available.

Will My Case Be Handled In A Federal Or State Court? What Does That Mean?

The federal and state charges that attorney Michael H. Saul handles cover a wide range of issues, including drug crimes, violent crimes, theft, serious traffic crimes, DUIs, assault, white collar crimes, and more. While many people think that federal courts handle the more serious crimes, this is not necessarily true.

Determining whether or not the charge will be handled within a federal court or a state court depends on whether or not the crime is in violation of the federal law, the state law or both. Typically, if the crime is in violation of both federal and state law, then the court that is better equipped to handle the charge will be more likely to handle the matter.

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