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Over 30 Years Of Experience Handling Juvenile Criminal Defense For Marietta And Gainesville

When a child or teen is accused of doing something against the law, the criminal justice system handles his or her case differently than an adult criminal offense. While many criminal defense attorneys have a wide range of experience in difficult adult criminal cases, it is crucial to have an attorney who knows juvenile law specifically.

In Marietta, Georgia, juvenile charges lawyer, Michael H. Saul, Attorney at Law, represents minors, teens and families in difficult criminal law matters. These may include drug crimes, underage drinking, vandalism, shoplifting, arson, sexual offenses, violent offenses or any other charge that has led a minor into the criminal justice system.

These issues are very delicate and can be life-changing for a minor. More than 30 years of experience backs up the representation that Michael H. Saul provides, and he delivers that representation with care and concern for your child’s immediate and long-term protection.

What Kinds Of Consequences Does My Child Face?

When your child is arrested, he or she could be held in custody, charged, released or transferred to some sort of juvenile delinquency program. If a juvenile court hearing takes place, it could be considered formal or informal. In many cases, informal hearings can bring these kinds of cases to a resolution, but the consequences can still be very serious. Our main goal in protecting your child is to keep the consequences to a minimum.

If he or she is charged with a juvenile crime, pursuing more rehabilitative options like restitution, community service and counseling could be negotiated. These kinds of negotiations and juvenile defense matters warrant attention from an attorney who practices this specific area of law. We take the time to work with each of our clients directly, and will give your family’s concerns the care they deserve.

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