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At our firm, your case will be handled from beginning to end by one attorney. Attorney Michael H. Saul will meet with you at your initial consultation and, if you retain our office to represent you, Mr. Saul will work with you every step of the way to seek the best possible result in your case. You will be informed of critical events in your case, your phone calls will be promptly returned, and you will never be alone.

As a Former Assistant Attorney General and criminal defense attorney with more than 25 years of legal experience, Michael H. Saul has extensive experience in misdemeanor and felony criminal matters. Although criminal defense is our firm’s primary practice area, we have extensive experience representing people in personal injury and family law matters as well. Some of the results we have achieved are provided below for reference. Although we are proud of our history of successful results, we caution readers that past success is not an indication of future success. Cases are usually resolved on the facts and the law.

Significant Cases in Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Personal Injury

Approvals from U.S. Immigration for permanent resident statuses, naturalizations, temporary protected statuses, deferred action, employment authorizations, Immigration court dismissals, bonds, etc…;

U visas granted;

Parole in Place, (pip) granted for wife of U.S. citizen Marine, adjustment of status in United States;

Parole in Place, (pip) granted for wife of U.S. citizen Army soldier;

Gaulin v. Simpson, State Court, $50,000.00 jury verdict, automobile accident, no visible damage to car;

$260,000.00 settlement, client working in another’s home, attic ladder collapsed while client on the ladder;

$105,000.00 settlement, client was illegal and was a passenger in a car struck by another car;

$125,000.00 settlement, client recovered completely in less than a year;

Hathcock v. Bartow County, U.S. District Court, represented plaintiff, Bartow County built a new jail, etc….as result of law suit;

Hubbard v. Hubbard, 182 Ga. App. 590, jurisdiction allowed where child lived out of state;

Wells v. United States, 04-5127, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, obtained reversal of trial court, case later settled by U.S. paying plaintiff;

State v. Martin, Superior Court, not guilty aggravated assault;

U.S. v. Stewart, U.S. District Court, not guilty racketeering, conspiracy;

U.S. v. Kayode, U.S. District Court, not guilty one million dollars worth of heroin, etc…;

U.S. v. Li, U.S. District Court, not guilty intent to distribute cocaine, marijuana;

U.S. v. Dallas, U.S. District Court, hung jury, drug conspiracy, case dismissed

U.S.v. Grizzle, 11 th Circuit Court of Appeals, case remanded;

State v. Studaway, State Court, not guilty battery, trespass;

State v. Edwards, Superior Court, not guilty sell of cocaine;

State v. Walker, Superior Court, not guilty intent to distribute cocaine;

State v. Woody, State Court, not guilty DUI, speeding, battery on police officer, escape, too fast for conditions;

State v. Lee, Superior Court, not guilty armed robbery, kidnapping, poss. of firearm during a crime, aggravated assault;

State v. Cohran, Superior Court, not guilty armed robbery;

State v. Dave, Superior Court, not guilty shoplifting;

State v. Watkins, Superior Court, not guilty intent to distribute;

State v. Dixon, Superior Court, not guilty financial transaction card fraud, criminal attempt;

State v. Hernandez, State Court, not guilty, failure to yield, following to close;

U.S. v. Masters, U.S. District Court, post conviction relief, sentence reduced to time served;

U.S.v. Wardlaw, U.S. District Court, client was sentenced, appealed, case remanded by 11 th Circuit for resentencing

U.S. v. Vannoy, U.S. District Court, defendant charged with marijuana possession, motion to suppress filed, United States agreed to dismiss as result of motion to suppress

In re: Guiterrez, Immigration Judge denied petition, case was reversed by Board of Immigration Appeals and applicant had a new hearing scheduled;

Progressive v. Kelly, obtained reversal of trial judge in automobile accident case;

Viney v. Aero-Mayflower, obtained reversal of trial judge in case involving a moving company;

Minnich v. First Nat. Bank of Atlanta, obtained reversal of trial judge in case involving a procedural issue;

In re: Rebollar, Immigration Judge reversed by Board of Immigration Appeals and applicant was scheduled for a new hearing.

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