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Helping Individuals In Marietta And Gainesville With Removal Proceedings

When an individual has been taken into custody due to immigration issues, it can be frightening and stressful for his or her family. You may be fearing removal from the United States and how that could tear your family apart for years to come, but having an experienced immigration court attorney can help you find solutions to these matters.

Michael H. Saul, Attorney at Law, has been helping individuals in immigration and removal proceedings for years. He can work with you in difficult cases where:

  • An individual has remained in the U.S. for longer than he or she was legally permitted to stay
  • An individual has worked without authorization
  • A criminal charge has prompted immigration conflicts
  • An individual entered the U.S. illegally or without permission

To be granted relief from removal proceedings, an individual must provide substantial evidence to an immigration judge in court. This may involve the collection of documentation like birth certificates, marriage certificates, clean criminal records, children or dependents, and the length of time the individual has been in the United States.

Not every trial attorney is well-equipped to handle these kinds of cases, as immigration court is highly nuanced and unique compared to other areas of law. Make sure that you get defense and legal protection to the fullest extent of the law by working with an attorney who has a strong history of success as a criminal defense attorney as well as an immigration attorney.

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