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If you have been injured you want Michael H. Saul as your attorney. Michael is a fighter, has always been a fighter and has always fought for the underdog against the insurance companies, businesses, the United States government or our State government. When Michael Saul was in elementary school and the bullies targeted him because he was small in size he did not flinch, he did not retreat, he fought back.

After high school and college Michael went to law school to arm himself with the knowledge to fight back effectively. Michael combines the knowledge he has learned in law school and by taking continuing education courses with his over 39 years of trial and courtroom experience. He has had jury trials with successful verdicts in Superior Court, Federal Court and State Court. He has won cases in the United States Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the Georgia Court of Appeals. Michael wants to protect his clients and make sure they obtain the justice they deserve by obtaining a fair compensation for his client’s pain and suffering, disabilities, loss wages and past, present and future medical bills.

This firm is not a big group of attorneys where clients do not deal with the attorney. You can call Michael and speak with him. If he is in court he will return your call. He will be the attorney representing you in court and speaking with your adversary. If you want to go to a law firm where you do not speak with the attorney regularly or where the attorney farms out your case to an inexperienced attorney or another law firm then the Saul Law Firm is not the place for you. Michael will be your attorney and he will stand by you when the going gets tough.

Michael went to the University of Georgia’s law school and graduated in 1979 and has been continuously licensed to practice law since passing the Bar on his first try in 1979. The University of Georgia’s law school is a top rated law school. Michael is admitted to practice law in all the Georgia trial courts including the Superior Courts and the State Courts, the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court. Michael is also licensed in the Federal Court for the Northern District of Georgia, the Middle District of Georgia, the Northern District of Florida, the Court of Federal Claims, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Michael has also been given permission to appear in courts of other states. He has appeared in courts in Alabama and Colorado as well as administrative courts in other states. Michael has also taught law classes at Kennesaw State University as well as at continuing legal education courses.

The firm handles the following types of cases:

  1. Truck, tractor trailer, big rig law. There are special rules involved in injuries from these motor vehicles and you need a lawyer knowledgeable on the rules;
  2. Car Accident law: If you have been injured from someone else’s negligence or on purpose then you are entitled to be compensated. If you are a passenger you can make your claim against the driver of your car, another car if it was involved in the collisions or both. An experienced attorney is needed to explain the options;
  3. Construction Accident law: Many times construction accidents are covered by worker’s compensation but often someone other than an employer is liable. Michael Saul received a six figure settlement on a case where the “handy man” was injured at a home were the homeowner was negligent;
  4. Personal Injury: Personal injury means any injury to the body and encompasses pain and suffering, lost past and future income, temporary and permanent disabilities, past, present and future medical bills, and any other loss related to the injury.
  5. Slip & Fall law: A person injured from falling, slipping or tripping often suffers personal injuries that should be compensated;
  6. Spinal Injury: Back pain and surgery from an accident or someone’s negligence must be compensated;
  7. Wrongful death law: A surviving spouse or parent is entitled to be compensated if their loved one dies as a result of someone else’s negligence or intention.

Michael can help you on all these type of cases and any other case where you or a loved one was injured or died.

Michael’s favorite case is a case where the insurance company refused to pay anything because there was very little damage to his client’s car. Michael’s client had an injured back that had never hurt prior to the accident. Michael believed his client and stood with his client in front of a jury and asked that his client be fully compensated. The jury came back with a substantial verdict for Michael’s client. Michael stood with this client and will fight for you just the same.

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